Do Caique Parrots Go BAD? Will My #Caique Turn On Me? #Parrot_Bliss

#Caique Question:
We are considering a caique. We have had cockatoos, parakeets, cockateils, finches, quaker, and one cranky conure. I just saw a post that a gal was attacked, bitten so badly by her bird that she’s now terrified of it and will never handled it again. I have seen other posts regarding this breed maturing and attacking it’s owner. How do you survive this and have a relationship with such a bird?

A better question would be, “Do you want to live a parrot-life?”

Parrots require a lot of time, attention and care. In this way, they are high-maintenance pets. So much so, that instead of calling them ‘pets,’ they are often called companions.

Yes, parrots can bite! And they go through a hormonal phase every spring. However, they tend to bite for a reason and a bonded parrot is far less likely to bite. Hormones are hard on anyone, but they get easier to handle with age.

Like any pet, or any relationship you might have, parrots require working on the relationship. If you work on your bond then you’ll know when your parrot is moody and is going to bite. You’ll stop and avoid the bite. You’ll know when your parrot needs some time and space and allow room for both of you to come together when you are both ready, which is most of the time.

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Parrots are my bliss! I currently have 17 species and have had several others too. I love learning about them and have experts that I talk to when I want to learn something about them to avoid contradictory or incorrect information.
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