The Cannabis Business Coach Podcast Episode 49: Dr. Maria Fernanda Arboleda, Santé Cannabis

The Cannabis Business Coach Michael Zaytsev interviews and coaches Dr. Maria Fernanda Arboleda an Anesthesiologist, Pain and Palliative Care Physician.

Dr. Arboleda is an international Consultant and Medical Advisor as well as the Associate Research Director at Santé Cannabis. Likewise, she is a co-investigator on several research projects that are being developed in Canada and has extensive experience as an international speaker and faculty in more than 50 international conferences and medical meetings, contributing to the training and education of more than 5,000 health care professionals in Latin America, Canada and the UK, among other countries.

On this episode, Dr Maria shares the 4 barriers to the mainstreaming of medical Cannabis, the 6 major ailments that Cannabis is an effective treatment tool for, common misconceptions about medical Cannabis, the status of legalization in various Latin American countries, and much more.

In the business coaching portion, Mike Z helps Dr Maria with the challenge of procrastination and using time productively while waiting for regulations to change.

Recorded on 5/26/2021

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