Fastest Growing US Industry On Pace To Double Milk Sales in 2021, WHICH Industry Is It?

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Last Week in Cannabis News:
Correction: @10:33 Industry & PUBLIC HEALTH / 23:06 Medical Market* Not State

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Americans on Pace to Spend Twice as Much on Cannabis As Milk in 2021
02:21 – Understanding Washington: The Draft Bill & Next Steps – MUST READ!
4:09 – Snippet From Roth Capital on CAOA via Todd Harrison
5:56 – Surgeon General Says Time to Stop Criminalizes Cannabis Users
8:00 – Pitt Study Adds to Evidence That Legal Cannabis Reduces Opioid Abuse & Deaths
9:26 – Republican Lawmakers Use Opioid Death Stats to Ask Biden to Reschedule
10:55 – Missouri Activists Prepare for 2022 Ballot Initiatives
12:10 – Trulieve Opens 95th US Dispo, 86th in Florida
12:28 – Ayr Wellness Goes Shopping, Making 2 Purchases to Help Expand Footprint
14:27 – Curaleaf Violated Labour Laws in MA Says Judge, Ordered to Smarten Up
16:14 – The Parent Co. Launching Caliva App for Pick Up, Delivery and Chat Online
16:59 – The Future of Cannabis is Female! Gen Z Women Leading the Growth
18:18 – You Can Fly in NY with Up to 3 Ounces of Cannabis According to Article
19:00 – Valuable Tweet For Perspective 1 from @stock_mj
19:56 – Valuable Tweet For Perspective 2 from @sabatino
20:36 – Valuable Tweet For Perspective 3 from @stock_mj – MUST WATCH!
22:51 – Must Listen Podcast – Cannabinoids Connect Ep. 200 with Brady Cobb

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