DNA Testing to Target Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes w/ Dr. Ben Lynch

Dr. Ben Lynch discusses more about histamine, gut health and why gallbladder issues are so common and how to look at gene testing for determining your health weaknesses and strengths. It’s a great show!

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–
0:00 Intro

06:50 Dirty Genes book is full of quizzes which identifies genetic issues without doing genetic testing.
07:45 Lifestyle habits are passed down through generations, so issues may not be caused by genes.
08:35 Less than 5% of cancers are heritable.
12:10 It appears as though epigenetics overrides the majority of other provocations.
13:40 You must look at the research with a wholistic view. Look at many studies.
14:35 You do not need genetic testing.
16:12 Some genes are highly influenced by epigenetics and others are not.
18:00 At some point, mutated genes helped your ancestors survive. Our genes are adapting to our new environment, and we are passing this on to our kids.
23:20 For his Dirty Genes book, Dr. Lynch chose MTHFR because it effects the entire genome.
24:00 CMT and MAOA were chosen for their impact upon brain function.
24:30 DAO works on histamine metabolism in the gut, which can cause leaky gut.
25:00 PEMT: Solid cell membranes create cell membranes and create storage for histamine and your neurotransmitters.
26:45 Nitric oxide is important for emergent heart issues.
26:50 By focusing on supporting these 7 genes, you are positively influencing all of your genes.
28:45 Phosphatidyl choline keeps your bile from being thick and sludgy.
32:44 The phosphatidyl choline supplement is used to improve bile flow, but since it is a lipid, it cannot be fully absorbed to improve bile flow.
33:45 Visceral manipulation is a near instant fix for bile flow.
36:00 There is data about bile acids and dysfunctional bile acid signatures in the brain and heart.
36:50 Bile has antimicrobial properties.
38:28 Acid reflux is bile coming through a leaky pyloric sphincter: south to north.
39:10 The StrateGene test for neurotransmitters looks at the reduction, transport, binding to the receptor and the synthesis/metabolism of key neurotransmitters.
41:20 Pesticides slow the HTR1B gene, by binding to the serotonin receptor.
42:00 Many medications target the reuptake of neurotransmitters to keep it in the brain, rather than have it reabsorbed.
43:30 5-HTP is a primary precursor to serotonin. The DEC gene converts 5-HTP to serotonin, uses vitamin B-6.
50:55 Ritalin is toxic to the brain because it keeps so much dopamine in the brain, making dopamine quinone.
58:40 Supplementing with dopamine hastens the destruction of the Parkinson’s brain.
01:01:17 Quinones are highly reactive and hard to calm and neutralize.
01:05:20 Eye health/function is an indicator of brain health.


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