How to get weed out of your system fast? – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

Our body naturally detoxifies, but system could be little slow. The most common way of detoxifying body is by taking more fluids, body detoxifies itself by throwing waste out of the body in the form of urine and sweating. Since THC is fat soluble, so we have to avoid eating fast food, junk food and oily food in order to get it into the tissues and cells of the body. Foods rich in antioxidants would help. Antioxidants are like Omega, Vitamin A, C and E, and those supplementation could also help otherwise taking more colourful fruits and vegetables like fruitbowl containing 5 fruits atleast, and eating more vegetable salads. They help in detoxifying especially taking green fruits and vegetables juices will help in detoxifying like spinach and beetroot juice or avocado and green apple and anything which is green in nature will help you to detoxify faster. Another naturally detoxifying nutrient could be fiber, to throw out the THC from the system through stools. Fiber rich foods could be legumes, greens, sprouts etc, so eat them more and another fleshy nutrient is Niacin, group of B Vitamins, and you have to eat Niacin rich foods like tuna, or potato, avocado etc. Foods rich in electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, also could be helpful such as citrus fruits or lemon juice, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, juice and some other fruits also, would be helpful because they are rich in electolytes. Aloe Vera juice, or vinegar ,vinegar if sometimes added in the diet, that also could be beneficial and cranberry juice, they also are found to be beneficial. Detox could be fastened if you have enough fluids in your system. Water is the best beverage that naturally transports and eliminates all the waste from the body, through urination and sweating. Some of the drinks other than water could be, like coconut water or any fruit juices, without adding extra sugar, could be beneficial and make sure you are drinking 8 glasses of water which is recommended or maybe some extra water to cleanse your system as soon as possible. Then exercise, and sweating also plays a good role in detoxifying the body. Exercise sweating detoxifies the body in the natural way, so you have to get more sweating like you could be indulged in those exercises which make you sweat a lot like i mean brisk walking, jogging, running etc. If u cannot exercise, run or jog , then taking sunbath, would be another alternative. Sauna which is an indoors like if you don’t have sun then you can relax in sauna and you can sweat a lot, so that is also a natural way of detoxifying the body. Rest also has very good effects on detoxifying the body naturally and make sure that you are getting enough rest for 8hours sleep atleast, sound sleep, so for sound sleep, you can have either milk in the evening, just before going to bed, you know 15 minutes before going to bed, because milk has tryptophan , the natural amino acid which induces sleep, or if you are not drinking milk, or I mean, then you can take also chamomile tea, just 10 minutes before going to, bed, so that will induce sleep. So you can follow all these tips, however, prevention is better than cure, so if you stay away from marijuana would be the best thing to practice.


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