Automatic Vitamin Gummy bear making machine for sale CBD gummy candy maker depositing making machine

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Gummy bear samples factory use jelly gummy candy making machine depositing line
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Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-13818555416

● CHX20 Gummy bear Depositor For Lab use 10-20KG/H
● CNA100 Semi auto gummy candy maker machine 30-50KG/H
● CLM80 Small Fully Auto vitamin gummy candy production line 80kg/h
● CLM150 Fully Auto vitamin gummy candy production line 150kg/h
● CLM300 Fully Auto vitamin gummy candy production line 300kg/h
● CLM600 Fully Auto vitamin gummy candy production line 600kg/h
●Certificate UL&CE for all the electric parts;
●GMP standard for machine (SUS304+SUS316);
●R-shapes bending and SUS304 waterproof sandblasting surface more stronger for long life;
●Unique design for multiple candy mold;
●Full set of PLC system, and distance control system, Multi-language for PLC program;
●Wider de-mold plate will not damage easily with the molds, keep mold longer life;
●Electrical parts with international brands;
●Cleaning function and drain pipes;
●Warning signs of hidden parts and protection;
●CFA system available;

Business Range:
● Gummy bear candy making machine
● Popping boba making machine
● Agar Crystal Ball Making machine
● Marshmallow production line
● Hard candy making machine
● Lollipop making machine
● Toffee candy making machine
● Chewing gum making machine
● Chocolate production line
● Candy bar making machine
● Biscuit-sandwich making machine
● Cookie capping machine
● Candy packaging machine
● And other food machinery


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