How to keep your dog calm during fireworks, Calming hemp treats for dogs, giveaway winner revealed!

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One way to keep your dog calm during fireworks this 4th of July, is to use calming hemp treats. This is our first year with our Mini Goldendoodle and we want to keep her happy and calm. IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE VIDEOS ON GOLDENDOODLES, PUPPY HAUL, PUPPY LIFE, DOG TRAVELS, ORGANIC HEALTHY DOG FOOD RECIPES, DOG FOOD TREATS, DOG TRAINING, GROOMING, DIY DOG EVERYTHING, DOG BREEDING, SUBSCRIBE!

Luna is an f1 mini goldendoodle. Her mother is a golden retriever and her father is a mini poodle. This is the best breed of dogs! Luna will have puppies and we will be selling them so if are looking for a puppy get in touch, leave us a comment! This is our DOG VLOG!


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