Ask the Doctor: How Often Should I Take CBD For Pain Relief?

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Hi, everyone, I am Dr. Dan Stein and we are answering the question, How do I use CBD oil for pain? Well, if you have pain that’s been lasting for a while and you need long term relief. The best way to use CBD is as an edible that you swallow because you only need to take it twice a day, and it will help give you relief at what we call a steady state all day long. for acute pain management, it may be more efficacious to use CBD as a liquid tincture, that gets absorbed under the tongue and acts more rapidly, although for a shorter period of time. In general, though, most patients that come to the clinic want long lasting relief and so eventually, we recommend edibles or capsules. Now when you use CBD as an edible, what you already have in your stomach affects the absorption and so since CBD is a lipid molecule, it seems to get absorbed better and work better if you have some lipids in your system. So for example, After that morning, avocado toast or afternoon Mediterranean wrap with a little fetta. Taking CBD after you eat seems to do better in terms of absorption, distribution and effect. So in general, for chronic pain relief, edibles make more sense for more rapid acting relief. Using a liquid tincture or inhalation seems to make more sense, but always remember, try to figure out how many milligrams you need for how long and use the administration method that works best for you. Thanks for listening. And if you liked the program, please subscribe and john and the folks at United patients group Take care. Have a great day everybody. Bye.

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