Using Research & Data to Better Serve Cannabis Patients | TiC Interview: Christina DiArcangelo – ABP

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Ep. 10 – Using Research & Data to Better Serve Cannabis Patients

In this episode of Tech in Cannabis, Jason Kitamura is joined by Christina DiArcangelo of Affinity Bio Partners. With her extensive experience and expertise, Christina has developed multiple products to better serve patients with cannabis. From A.I. powered bots, wearable monitors, and custom CBD patches based on your body’s deficiencies, Christina is positioned to change the industry not only by helping people in need, but by using this data to validate the pharmaceutical benefits of cannabis. They also talk about how she got started, what the industry is up against, and how she is saving the world in four days.

Affinity Bio Partners’ Website:     


Christina DiAcrangelo’s LinkedIn: talks with game changers in the tech community to gain valuable insights into the future of the fast paced cannabis industry. To reach the show email:

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