CannaMallows introduction 2020

* So why are our CannaMallows such a big deal?

Because none of the current and new cannabis CBD edibles are really good for us, nutritionally speaking:

* They are full of sugar and other carbs.
* They contribute to the obesity and diabetes epidemics.
* They support unhealthy lifestyles.

Also, have you seen any sugar-free CBD cannabis marshmallows on the market? Of course not – until now..

Enter CannaMallows – they solve ALL of these problems and offer totally unique benefits:

* They are all natural, velvety smooth, with melt-in-the-mouth taste.
* Sugar-free yet taste fully sweet, with low calorie and glycemic index. Only only 15 calories in a mallow!
* And NO bitterness even at 25mg CBD/serving – now that is remarkable, isn’t it?

Plus, they keep fresh up to a year!


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