'Pure' Premium CBD Oil by New Phase Blends

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Product page: https://www.newphaseblends.com/product/premium-hemp-oil-1000mg-cbd/

CBD drops are a dime a dozen these days. There are some great products out there, and there’s (unfortunately) some really bad CBD products out there, too.

‘Pure’ by New Phase Blends’ premium CBD oil. We use 100% organic hemp in all of our products. Here’s some other interesting things about pure:

-Choose between 1,000-2,000mg of rich CBD extract per bottle. This equals 33-66mg of CBD per serving, depending on what you choose
-We have Broad spectrum or full spectrum options. Broad spectrum has closer to zero THC than full spectrum, for those who want no THC. Full spectrum will never have over 0.3% THC, which means none of our products are psychoactive.
– There’s 30 servings @ 1mL per serving, which is about a month supply, depending on use

All CBD drops come with an easy to use 1mL dropper that makes measuring you dose SUPER easy. The scannable QR code on the label will link to a real, third party analysis that shows things like cannabinoid content, heavy metals screenings, and pesticide content (which is always zero). The MCT oil we use as a carrier oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which is a great form of energy that the body easily processes. Studies show that MCT oil is great food for our brains, too!

I know you need the relief that CBD can bring, and that’s why we make the best products on the market. I guess it’s possible that you can find something of a similar quality, but you’ll NEVER find anything better. Finally, if you don’t like this CBD oil (for ANY reason), just return it and you’ll get all of your money back. You have my guarantee. Not a fan of CBD tinctures? Give the ‘pure’ softgel CBD pills a try. You can find these in our CBD store, too.

There are a ton of sub-par CBD products out there, and I want to make sure that you at least give ‘pure’ a try. I know you won’t regret it.


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