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Does your dog suffer from allergies, skin irritations, hot spots, itchy skin, dandruff, rashes, and more? I found a CBD Hemp product that may help your pet. Can this product heal skin allergies for dogs? I decided to test Petals and Tails all-natural CBD pet shampoo, and hydrating misting spray on my English Bulldog-Little Gus who is currently suffering from some type of skin allergy.
You may be looking for a CBD Hemp shampoo that may help your pet too, so I hope this video helps you understand the quality that is bottled inside the products at Petals and Tails.
They specialize in all-natural CBD pet products and offer incredible shampoos, coconut oil-based perfumes, and balms to help pets with allergies, skin irritations – hot spots – itchy skin – dandruff – rashes and more!
Dogs with dry flaky skin can be the first sign of irritation. Ultimately, this is the best time to correct the problem. I hope you enjoy learning about a few of the quality products made by Petals and Tails by joining me here today in this product demo:)

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