WOW! Invisible Sllime Without Glue Or Borax | Slime Experiments

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Slime Sam and his friend Sue are testing interesting water slime recipes that require no glue or Borax. Sue hopes all of them will work, Sam is less optimistic. Watch them try out 4 unusual recipes:

0:42 Water slime using clear shampoo and salt

2:05 Water slime using hand soap and salt

3:52 Water slime using clear shampoo, water and cream of tartar

6:31 Water slime using mouthwash, gel cleanser and salt

All of the recipes require following exact proportions and time to set. But they can be made from the items you already have at home.

If you’re curious which of the recipes are going to work, make sure to watch the whole video! Experimenting with slimes is fun! Like if you agree!

Here are even more slime recipes for you:

Unicorn Slime Kit

Magical giant slime

Magnetic slime

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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