I Lost Binx Today, #Golden_Conure #Parrot_Bliss

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What a shock. This morning I woke up to my #Golden_Conure being at the bottom of his cage.

Binx had had a surgery and was recovering. We thought he was feeling better every day, so to find that he’d passed was very hard on me.

Golden Conures are amazing. Depending on the day, I feel like they are THE BEST parrots (the other days I’m smitten with my Cape Parrots). They are unique because they are so loving. I’ve never known a parrot to be so loving and so affectionate. Their magic power is LOVE.

Every parrot is unique, but Golden Conures are even more so. While I still have the rest of my flock, my house feels different, empty. I’m terribly sad, I know it’s going to take me some time to get past this tremendous loss.

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