Fastest Growing US Industry Expected to Grow 4.4% in Q2 as Trulieve CEO Buys The Dip, More Studies

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Last Week in Cannabis News:
Educational Video – Portfolio Breakdown:
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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – New Frontier Data Mid Year Report Recap
05:36 – Grab link for free Mid Year Update From New Frontier Data
05:54 – Kim Rivers Buys Another $1M Worth of Trulieve Share
07:14 – Hexo’s Dismal Third Quarter Earnings
08:40 – Cronos Group Makes Strategic Investment in MSO PharmaCann
10:33 – Pro Athlete’s Increasingly Using CBD, NFL Doctor Still Biased to Opioids?
12:15 – How Does CBD Affect Liver Function?
14:20 – 2020 Study Found CBD Inhalation Safer Than Ingestion, No Affect on Liver
16:00 – Comparing TBP’s QIXLEEF to GW Pharma’s Epidiolex, FDA Approved CBD Oil
16:48 – TBP Announced Phase 2 Study May 6th, Potential Safer Alternative to Oil
18:28 – World Anti-Doping Agency’s Outdated View on Cannabinoids
19:15 – Study Finds Moderate Use Associated with Increased Decision Making Skills
20:24 – Study Finds Cannabinoid Extract Is Well Tolerated, Improves Insomnia Symptoms
20:53 – LA and TX Governors Sign Cannabis Bills Into Law
21:53 – Will Germany Be First in EU to Legalize Adult Use? Elections Sept. 26th
23:55 – Adult Use Legalization Bill Introduced in Portugal Parliament
25:00 – Outlook for 2nd Half of 2021, Catalysts: SAFE, MSO Up-list from CSE to TSX

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