Caring for a Dog With Congestive Heart Failure- Part 1

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Hi everyone! This is Twinkie my 12 year old Chihahua. I had him his whole life and he was always a happy healthy pup. During a routine check up his Vet told me he has a heart murmer and that I should take him to a cardiologist. His echocardiogram results showed that Twinkie has a collapsed trachea, a leaking heart valve, an enlarged heart, a heart murmer (6 out of 6) pulmonary hypertension, heart disease and heart failure ūüė≠
He was given 6 months to a year.

Although the meds were helping, he was still having an episode about once a month and we were racing him to the vet to get him on oxygen. Each time they adjusted his meds and added a new one. At this point he is on 5!

Ferosimide (Lasix)
and Sidenafil (Viagra)

I decided to bring him to a holistic vet in February and she put him on supplements and vitamins. I talk about them in this video.

Here is a list of safe treats the Holistic Vet gave me also:


-Hills prescription diet canine treats
-Old Mother Hubbard Assorted Bitz
-Purina Veterinary Diets Lite Snackers
-Science Diet Chew with real Veggies
-Science Grain Free Treats
-Science Idea Balance Oven Baked or Soft Baked Naturals
-Royal Canine Veterinary Diet Dog Treats

Other Safe Foods-

Fruit, low sodium canned food, salt free peanut butter with no artificial sugars, home cooked meat, (No lunch meats!) eggs, sardines, ground beef, salmon, turkey, boiled chicken, rice.

I am going to do an updated video after his follow up on May 13th. So far he has been good with no episodes since put on the supliments. But anything can change in a heartbeat so we are ready to go to the vet if his breathing becomes heavy.

I suggest having a little bag packed for your dog so that if you need to race out of the house you will have important things packed like a blanket, a water bottle with a bowl, a toy, and anything else you want to have with you at the vet.

Thanks everyone for watching my video! I really hope this helps other people who are going through such a horrible thing with their baby’s. Just remember your not alone!

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