Much Needed Guinea Pig Cage Shopping! See what are the best cages for 2021

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Guinea Pig Cages remain a hot topic in the community. If you are new to guinea pigs, thinking of bringing some guinea pig in you life or are looking to upgrade your piggies lives you have come to the right place!! Do you like the items we use in the videos? All have been tried and tested! I created lists of all the items by illness and by other categories like emergency kit, grooming kit, etc

Saskia and Dr Nennecker are doing important RESEARCH on GUINEA PIGS that to our knowledge is not done elsewhere. Some significant findings so far would indicate that a chronic URI is not always automatically a heart disease. So far we have found infection and hemorrhaging deep inside both middle ear bulla to be a culprit. One after the other that we Xray’d that have a chronic URI, show up with a calcified bulla. This is significant and requires more research. Lots of lab work, Xrays and blood work. Help us and become part of history? Donations are tax deductible
Our address for checks – LAGPR, 10856 Farralone Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 There is no way we could do this research without your sweet and kind donations. We need you!

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List of items we use
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Link to the PAIN RELIEF cream gel pen Saskia uses in her videos


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