Trimming A Saint Bernard Dog Nails Using Guillotine Cutter & A Flashlight – How To

People get more out of How To videos than telling them or reading about it. I know I do. Here is my 1st instructional demonstration of how I trim my St. Saint Bernard Dogs toenails; safely. I show how I safely cut my dog’s nails using a flashlight and a guillotine cuter. I demonstrate how to avoid cutting into the ‘quick’ or the arterial fed part of the nail; to avoid hurting him/her.

This works best with dogs that have light colored nails, not darker ones. It also helps to have a dog that trusts you, calm, and not “snippy” or “bittey”. I had a Great Dane that required 3 vets to hold him down to cut his nails. It was terrible.

A narrow beam flashlight is the best to use because it focuses the light on the nail and provides better illumination inside. I do this without help but it is best to have a person to either hold the flashlight or the dog’s paw, or both, while the other person does the cutting. A steady hand helps as well as someone with confidence.

Laying the dog on his/her side is preferred for me because I found the cutting edge of the blade holds better from underneath the nail rather than cutting from the slicker top. If the dog is standing, you cannot get under the nail as easy, unless the dog is standing on a raised platform, like at a vet clinic. The blade grips the keratin of the nail from underneath better; preventing slipping and sliding off the nail. The only drawback is the dog retracting his/her paw all the time, like my dog Shasta does.

A Dremel grinding tool is probably best to use for dark dog nails. But you can cut dark nails if you only cut the very tip of the nails.

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