MY PET HAS ALLERGIES! – Holistic and All Natural remedies to a healthy pet

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It’s allergy season and your dog is going nuts! Scratching, sneezing and has hot spots? Come discover an all natural and holistic way of treating your pets allergies – Mushrooms? Who knew… Our guest Dr. Kyle Burton discusses with us the insiders view of how to treat your dog allergies and how to have a happy healthy pet . Getting to the root of the cause and learning about building your pets immune system. Giving your pet a strong immune system will allow them to fight off much more than allergies Setting your pet up to win! Holistic and all natural remedies to help relieve and support your pets health. If your pet suffers from allergies and scratches all the time and host spots ( bald areas, hair loss ), finding the root of the problem can change their lives. Herbal products have been used for centuries and now it time our pets have them.

Michael Habicht

Guest Host:
Dr. Kyle Burton


ITCHY SCRATCHY – allergy relief


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