GHA | Carbon Meeting Featuring Bruce Dietzen

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Tune in to this GHA meeting and learn about Carbon from Bruce Dietzen.

Bruce is the founder of Carbon Negative Fiber and Renew Sports Cars and a former Acquisitions Manager and National Sales Manager at Dell Computer. His long-time love of car design and interest in ecology led him to follow in the footprints of one of his heroes, Henry Ford, creating a car made from Cannabis Hemp.

Bruce built a sports car that is made from 65% woven hemp, and 35% bio-epoxy. Using a Mazda Miata base, the bio-based materials used to make the body panels are carbon negative and lighter than steel, aluminum, and even fiberglass.

Bruce founded Carbon Negative Fiber, a company that creates carbon-negative plant-based composites materials for all sorts of manufacturers to use instead of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber to help them dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the products they make.

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