[CBD 101] 7 Amazing Benefits of CBD

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Though you may not have thought you would have ever heard your grandmother ask if you could recommend a good CBD oil, that day has now arrived. If Nana is swearing by all of CBD’s great benefits, then maybe there is something behind all the rage. It is time to learn about some of the great benefits of CBD.

Arthritis Relief: Most people may think of pain relief when they think of CBD, and that certainly is one of its benefits. In fact, Harvard – yes, that Harvard – has cited a study out of the European Journal of Pain stating that topical CBD applied to the skin can help those suffering from arthritis. Grandmas was on to something!

Seizure Control: Though it is well known for its treatment of pain, CBD has been both used and studied for its benefits to those suffering from seizures. It has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat epilepsy.

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