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A blend of calming, peaceful notes and bird sounds to help calm your parrot. Created to give your bird room environment added sights and sounds to help make your parrot feel happy and content.
All parrot sounds performed by the Parrot Town birds.
Bird music created by Parrot Town.

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Parrot Town TV is a 24/7 Livestreaming Virtual Bird Room for your parrot✨
It’s all about giving your birds a virtual flock to hang out with daily, while helping you create a peaceful atmosphere for them through endless parrot enriching sights and sounds.

Parrots are energetically sensitive and social beings. Whether you have 1 bird or 7, they need the comfort of a big bird flock. How we set the stage for their daily living environment makes ALL the difference when it comes to keeping them happy, content, calm, & balanced🌺

⭐Parrot Town⭐
Peachy– Male Moluccan Cockatoo
Charlie – Male Timneh African Grey
Ellie – Female Goffins Cockatoo
Benny – Male Indian Ringneck
Frankie – Female Cockatiel
Augie – Male Cockatiel

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