Cannabis Night School #3 – Method's of Consumption – Presented by WholesomeCo & Utah Patients.

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Cannabis Night School #3 – Methods of Consumption – Presented by WholesomeCo & in Partnership with Utah Patient’s Coalition & Standard Wellness Company.
Date: Wednesday | 5/26/2021
Time: 7:00PM | MST
Duration: 45 Minutes
Location: Right here on #wholesomeco Facebook page!
Hosts for the livestream:
Julian Miranda | Community Engagement Manager | WholesomeCo.
Kylee Shumway | Pharmacy Medical Provider | WholesomeCo.
Jacob Fisher | Head Chemist | Standard Wellness Company.
– How can cannabis be consumed | Julian Miranda
– What methods of consumption are allowed in Utah | Julian Miranda
– Why smoking flower isn’t an allowable method of consumption in Utah | Kylee Shumway & Julian Miranda
– How are the Utah Cannabis products created and how to use and dose them properly with examples of current product availability in Utah | Jacob Fisher & Kylee Shumway.
– Cannabis Inhalation | Jacob Fisher & Kylee Shumway
– Cannabis Vaporization | Jacob Fisher & Kylee Shumway
– Oral Mucosal | Jacob Fisher & Kylee Shumway


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