1 Dog Car Sickness Remedy Must Have (Because it WORKS!)

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Having a dog that throws up every time you go for a car ride soon takes the fun out of the trip. Luckily most dogs grow out of it but what can you do to help the situation until they do.

Dog Car Sickness Remedy & A Few Ideas on How to Prevent Dog Car Sickness :
Repeated car rides lower stress levels and decrease that motion sickness your dog feels. This will involve buckling up your dog, driving round the block and unbuckling your dog, car trip finished for today.

Repeat every day driving a little further than the day before. Start with a few minutes and work up to half an hour over one month and every day if you can. During this time stop off at the dog park, play some fetch, then return home.

As your dog gets used to this she’ll soon replace motion sickness with excitement about that game of fetch.

For dogs that need a little more help getting over their motion sickness, there’s CBD oil.

CBD oil for Dog Car Sickness and Stopping Motion Sickness in Dogs:
CBD reduces stress, separation anxiety and nervousness to be more calm and relaxed which is great for car rides along with many other benefits.

CBD is dispensed into your dog’s food or can be given directly by mouth under the tongue. Full instructions for dosing your dog come with the bottle and treat once in the morning and again in the evening.

CBD treats are also an excellent way to have what you need with you if your away on a longer car ride as they work rapidly on a positive effect on car sickness in dogs, usually within 30 minutes. Great to give your dog half an hour before the car ride home.

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