Weed Edibles (Episode 1)

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We worked extremely hard to make this video happen with a special thanks to Ember & Oak in Melbourne, Florida & Chronic Guru Online Dispensary.

CBD Edibles Tasting Menu

1st Dish: Scallop Benedict Crudo
Lifter & Chamomile Tea Cold Smoked Diver Scallop, Blood Orange Segments, Blood Orange Gastrique, Roasted Lobster & Space Candy Butter Hollandaise, Everything Bagel Tuile

Drink Pairing: The Ol’ Dirty B Martin
Olive oil and Space Candy Washed Vodka served with Vermouth and Atomized Sour Space Candy Mint

2nd Dish: Rack of Lamb
Chemdawg & Lavender Gremolata Crusted Colorado Lamb, Pistachio Butter & Chemdawg Powder, Jack Frost Confit Local Mushrooms, Lamb Bobe Demi

Drink Pairing: The Lodi Doggie
Chemdawg Infused Mezquila, Jack Frost Mushroom Bitters, Wu-5 Smoked Sugar Cage

3rd Dish: Shortbread
Sour Space Candy White Chocolate Cream, Lemon Shortbread, Candied Almond, Hibiscus Caramel, Lifter Powder

Drink Pairing: Wu-5 brewed with Golden Hills Coffee served atop house made Wu-5 Ice Cream finished with Lifter Whip Cream

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