Dr Muffazal Rawala on insights into the lives of women with ADHD from a psychiatrist's perspective

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Dr Rawala is a consultant psychiatrist with an interest in adult ADHD, especially ADHD in women, and is also involved in medical education of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dr Rawala talks to me about educating the medical workforces about how people can be successful and have ADHD at the same time. He says that doctors in training, GP and Psychiatrists should relearn new ways of asking the questions, while using the standard DSM, but changing the words they use to get to the symptoms in a patient.

He advises anyone who suspects they have adult ADHD to take the ASRS ADHD screening tool to see if they fulfil the criteria for further assessment. You can find one recommended by Dr Rawala here: https://psychology-tools.com/test/adult-adhd-self-report-scale.

Once you’ve determined that you should go for an assessment, within the UK, you can either go via the NHS, private practice, or Right to Choose in England.


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