Give Your ? Parrot A BOOST Without Harmful Affects?

There’s a significant trend in a direction towards having healthier and more natural foods both for ourselves as humans and for our pets. hemp oil and CBD oil have become popular and one reason for it is they have many natural benefits. natural benefits mean no side effects and that, in this case, the oils just provide benefit.
When my Green-cheek Conure, Tink, develops seizures, It was very hard to see. We researched what could be causing it and what we could do about it.

Unfortunately, she had neurological damage that kept her from flying and caused her to not be able to walk much or well. Undoubtedly, that damages will cause the seizures. our solution was to develop a beneficial CBD oil to give her. We developed Tink’s Parrot Relief CBD Oil, which uses hemp oil as the carrier, providing more benefits.

Tink’s Parrot Relief CBD Oil will be available soon on

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