CBD for your dog's anxiety

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CBD oil has quickly become one of the most popular supplements for dogs. Owners use the hemp oil extract in hopes of healing arthritis, seizures, anxiety, and a host of other ailments. The practice is controversial because some veterinarians feel we lack necessary research on cannabidiol (CBD) while others sell the oil in their offices. The evidence we do have suggests its extremely safe, but is inconclusive about treating specific conditions.

In this video, I will provide an overview of using CBD to help dogs with anxiety. Keep in mind I’m not recommending the use of CBD. In respect to treating a dog for anxiety with CBD, we have no hard evidence that it’s useful, though many owners swear by it. This is not unlike current popular pharmaceutical anxiolytics (anti-anxiety). Xanax, one of the most popular amongst veterinarians, must be prescribed off-label as it is not FDA approved for treating canine anxiety.

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