Thinking Outside the Box with SIBO by Dr. Ken Brown

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Are you a self-proclaimed SIBO expert?

We promise you… you don’t know SIBO the way Dr. Brown thinks about it! In this presentation, he goes beyond testing & treatment to take a look at all the angles of this complex disease. It’s one of our most popular masterclasses EVER!

When you watch this video, here’s what your hour is worth! You’ll discover:
? the IBS/SIBO-diet-leaky gut “Venn diagram” and why it matters for healing
? why SIBO is not just about gut health and how to take a whole-body approach
? the mechanisms methane uses to slow motility (and hope for future treatments)
? and why motility should be a part of any SIBO/IBS treatment

? Shownotes!

This masterclass is just one of the 20 masterclasses included in the 1st Steps to Treating SIBO Masterclass Summit! Watch all the other masterclasses FREE for 48 hours when you register here:

Here’s a list of all the masterclasses you get FREE access to when you register:
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? Thinking Outside The Box With SIBO with Dr. Ken Brown
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Plus! Get access to Dr. Allison Siebecker’s SIBO Masterclass Series:

?️ The Underlying Causes of SIBO Masterclass
?️ Demystifying The SIBO Diet Masterclass
?️ Tested SIBO Treatments Masterclass
?️ Preventing SIBO Relapse with Prokinetics Masterclass

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