PsyFi #015 – David Rosen, CEO Secret Chord with Trey Brasher, Unlimited Sciences | Microdose Podcast

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David Rosen
Co-founder and CEO, Secret Chord Laboratories
David Rosen, PhD has published interdisciplinary research in an array of domains: creative cognition, music perception, music production, verbal creativity, education, and engineering. His most recent work (publications under review) investigates the role of psychedelics in psychological well-being and social judgments. He is a skilled presenter, having been invited to speak at domestic and international conferences, events, and podcasts. His leadership positions in research labs, classrooms, and the music industry guides his leadership and management strategy. David has been playing the piano since age eight, composing since age 16 and has formal jazz training on the electric bass.

Trey Brasher
Researcher, Unlimited Sciences
Trey Brasher is a pharmacology researcher from Denver, Colorado. He has previously conducted research at Stockton University and Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is currently working with Unlimited Sciences, a psychedelic research startup based out of Denver, on several studies including a real-world psilocybin study sponsored by Johns Hopkins.


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