Studies Shows that CBD Oil May Improve Heart Health.

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Studies Shows that CBD Oil May Improve Heart Health.
It has been shown that cannabinoids have a direct effect on the cardiovascular system. CBD reduces the pressure on the vessels and the tension in the walls of the blood vessels.

One of the effects of CBD on the cardiovascular system is a reduction in blood pressure in resting position. It can also lower blood pressure in stressful conditions. In 2017 the JCI Insight magazine published a paper about this. It describes the blood pressure lowering effects of CBD in humans. Nine healthy male volunteers participated in the study. They were given 600 mg CBD or a placebo.

The results show that CBD lowers systolic blood pressure. That is the maximum blood pressure in the veins during a contraction of the heart. CBD also reduces the stroke volume; the volume of blood that is circulated per heartbeat. These results have important implications because high blood pressure is one of the factors contributing to ischemic heart disease.
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