Dr.Trainer B1s Dog Bark Collar With APP Control, 3 Training Modes (Vibration/ Beep/ Shock Modes)

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Dr.Trainer B1s Dog Bark Collar With APP Control, Waterproof Dog Training Collar, 3 Training Modes (Vibration/ Beep/ Shock Modes) Adjustable 0~99 Static Level Rechargeable Dog Barking Collar
Let Dr.Trainer Bark Collar surprise you!
A dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are always our loyal friends and spend most of the time with us : )
But having them also brings some problems like barking all the time which affects neighbors and sleeping : (
Dr.Trainer is your trustworthy pet brand to choose for a quality and safe anti-bark collar which trains the dog in a humane and safe way effectively.

Dr.Trainer B1s Bark Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs
▪ 3 Modes: Sound ( Beep ) + Vibration Mode ( Weak & Medium & Strong ) + Shock (0-99 Levels)
▪ App Control: IOS & Android Supported, B1S Bark Collar can directly set the level of Sound and Vibration、Anti-Trigger Loudness、Auto Sleep Mode、Combination of Progressive Stimulation Mode
▪ Intelligent Progressive Correction: You can customize adjust Each Level ( sound & vibration intensity & sensitivity ), free combination and setting each parameter. Wear a bark collar for your dog without using the APP, B1S automatically enters progressive mode by default.
▪ Automatic Protection: If the collar is triggered 10 times in a min, it will stop 2 mins stimulating your dog to keep your dog safe
▪ USB Rechargeable: Built-in rechargeable battery, 40min fasting charging time provides 15-20 days of use.
▪ IP68 Waterproof: The training collar is IP68 waterproof, which provides your pets with maximum flexibility during outdoor activities. This also means that you can train your dog in different weather conditions, such as a rainy day and etc.
▪ No More False Triggering (Customized 100 Levels ): The barking collar uses the latest barking detection technology, no extraneous sound can trigger it. Or you can adjust different trigger decibel levels according to different environmental conditions
▪ Adjustable Fit For All Size Dogs: Adjustable Training Collar ranging from 7~22 inches, Weighing 6lbs~150lbs

Kindly Noted
1. The bark collars are training aids, not punishment.
2. Avoid leaving the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours a day.
3. Please adjust the collar to an apposite size, close to the skin to make it work

What’s In The Box
1 x Bark Collar
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 × Test Light
1 × User Manual
2 × Short Contact Points
2 × Medium Contact Points


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