Taste Test Cannabis Infused Edibles ~ Edible Mukbang / CBD & THC Infused Edibles Review & Smoke Sesh

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Welcome back to the Stoney Adventures of Sadistic Beauty ? In todays video I’m sharing my latest favorite cannabis infused edibles with everyone! These CBD/THC infused drink enhancers, at-least I would call them that, really hit the spot on a cold morning or even a cold night. The thc tincture being a hybrid let’s us have a smooth high day or night! One thing is for sure it is a tea that will keep you warm! ??

Again I love that I am able to show off the drinks so well to you guys using my *insulated glass tea cups ! If you guys are interested in grabbing some of your own click the link below ⬇️ ??

✅Teabloom Modern Insulated Glass Cup?
~ https://amzn.to/37Ok2rw

P.S. I hope you enjoy watching the ganja ( maryjane, marijuana, cheifing and/or puffing ) shown in my video today! Again I do not get paid for any promoting in this video all reviews are 100% honest!



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