5 Reasons to Try CBD Gummies

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The health benefits of CBD Oil are just starting to become widely known to the general public but many people don’t want to take oils, smoke, or pill forms…. That’s where CBD Gummies come in!

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We see 5 big benefits to using CBD gummies rather than vaping CBD, using CBD Oils, swallowing pills or even applying topically, here they are:

Easy to Take
Of all the forms of CBD, gummies are for most people, the easiest to take.

Many people who’ve tried the oil form of CBD struggle putting it under their tongue, or with the taste of it. Pills can also be a struggle if you don’t like taking them or have issues swallowing.

Gummies are formulated to have a fruit taste that is light and satisfying, and most importantly, easy to consume!

Long Lasting Effects

Both Vaping and the Oil forms of CBD get to your blood stream FAST. Both of those methods bypass the digestive system and can be great options if you need instant relief from pain or anxiety. The relief is generally short lived however as the effects of vaping normally wear off in under an hour, while oils last for a few hours.

With Gummies you can normally get 6-8 hours of relief thanks to the slower absorption and release that takes place in your digestive system.

Easy to Dose

Ever tried figuring out dosing for vaping products? It isn’t easy. And what is a “dropper” of CBD Oil exactly?

Gummies on the other hand are easy! Need 10mg of CBD and each gummy is 20mg? Cut it in half and you are good to go!


Unfortunately, there is still a social stigma in some circles surrounding anything related to Cannabis. If you are part of one of these circles even CBD use could be frowned upon.

In these situations something as ordinary as eating a “gummy bear” won’t be questioned and still will provide the benefits you’re looking for!

No Smoking Involved

One of the most common complaints we hear from people not wanting to try cannabis-based products is they don’t want to harm their lungs.

Problem solved.

You can find CBD gummies, both with and without THC, to give you the benefits you want without ever having to smoke cannabis!

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